What Makes a Five Star Cleaning Company?

I was ask today just makes Sunbell Carpet Cleaning a 5 Star company? First of all when it comes to the method of cleaning, we chose the Dri-Foam system over steam and other methods. The main reason for this is its' scrubbing ability, which is a deep cleaning with no residue and low moisture, so therefore less chance of spots reappearing. We at Sunbell Carpet Cleaning believe in customer service from the 1st phone call to the completion of the cleaning project.

Tile and grout cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning using the Mytee Tile And Grout Spinner System which is one of the best methods available. It's basically an indoor pressure washing system that vacuums up the water and soil from the floors as we work. This method can clean all types of hard floors like, Tilt, Slate, Brick, Concrete, Marble, and Granite. We are also set up to clean shower walls and counter tops. Again it's one of the best methods but it's hard to judge the results immediately because the grout line darken as soon as you get them wet.