Dry Foam

There are many different carpet cleaning methods on the market today, shampoo, chemical cleanings, steam (also known as hot-water extraction), and dry-foam. Dry-foam is endorsed by a well known national testing institute and excelled in all three testing categories:

  1. Dry Time

Dry-foam uses the least amount of water compared to all other methods, so the dry time is anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, depending on air circulations in your home.

  1. Soil Removal

Dry-foam cleaning with pre-vacuuming is 20% more effective than all other systems.

  1. Resoil Time

Resoil time is the length of time between cleanings. Dry-foam, comparatively, gives you 12 to 18 months (with normal traffic) between cleanings which is nearly four months longer than with other methods.

As the picture above shows we use a rotary scrubber. The system itself is much like a shampoo method, but unlike shampoo cleaning, Dry-foam does not leave a chemical or detergent residue behind.

Therefore nothing is left to attract new soil or cause matting of the carpet fibers. When carpets are fluffy, not matted, you can vacuum out more dust and dirt on a day to day basis, which is why you can go longer between cleanings.