Cleaning Process

Steps taken in your carpet cleaning job

  1. Prepare the rooms that you wish to have cleaned.
    1. What you need to do is pick up all loose or small items that are on these areas.
    2. You should take any breakables off the furniture you want moved.
    3. When the crew arrives give them a tour of these areas and point out any bad spots or soiled areas you want us to pay special attention too.
  2. The crew will then measure each room and give you an exact price for your cleaning.
  3. Then they will start by vacuuming all the open areas in each room.
  4. After that they will move, the moveable furniture into the open areas and vacuum where the furniture would normally sit.
  5. At this point we will hand clean around all the baseboards, door- jams, cabinets, or furniture not being moved. (We Don't Cut Corners We Clean Them!)
  6. Then we will clean the carpets with the Dry-Foam Method, starting where the furniture usually sits. After we rake the nap of the carpet back up to a fluffy state, we will replace the furniture on blocks or protective pads.
  7. Finally we will clean and rake all the open areas. The whole process is quick and most jobs can be done in about 2 hours.