Odor Control


Carpet deodorizing and odor control are very important issues to carpet care and are two separate things. Carpet deodorizers are fragrances applied during the carpet cleaning process with various scents, like cinnamon, lemon, potpourri, spearmint, and cherry are among some of the different deodorizers that are available. They leave carpets with a pleasant scent, but if there are odor issues, these would only mask the problem but we do have products available to control the problems. Odor is caused by fungus or bacteria left behind by pets, food products, or mold around toilets, showers, or moist areas. Just basic cleaning will not eliminate this problem.


We us a product by Zep manufacturing called "Odorstroyer". It's a heavy-duty spotter and deodorizer, formulated especially for removing spots from pet urine and other animal waste, along with mildew and organic odors, from vomit to spilled milk. "Odorstroyer" is designed to attack and feed on the bacteria that produce unpleasant odors. When there is no bacteria or fungus left, then it dies out and your odors are gone.